Stop Digital Divide Kick-off meeting

The Eramsus+ programme supports lifelong education and this year we managed to bring to Constanța a small-scale project for adult learners: Stop Digital Divide. The activities are coordinated by the Romanian Intermodal Association and aim to support inclusive education and develop the digital skills of educators, teachers and social volunteers involved in the education of adult learners.

In other words, this project aims to increase the quality of the work of teachers, trainers and facilitators involved in the education of mature learners, by creating inclusive education contexts, to encourage the active and responsible participation of digital technology, but also to support vulnerable social groups.

This weekend (July 29-30), the first meeting of the Erasmus+ “Stop Digital Divide” project was held in Constanța, which was attended by representatives of all national and international partners:

  • Formative Footprint Association, Spain
  • Institute for Research and Innovation in Education, Poland
  • Romanian Intermodal Association, Romania

Over the next two years, the three partners will contribute to the individual transformation by improving the digital skills of 60 adult learners who will participate in a training course for social coaching and a workshop for digital integration of adults.

Read our press release here: EN | RO | PL | SP


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 29-30 July 2022

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