Empowers educators with digital tools to enhance adult learning

On May 25, 2023, educators and professionals gathered for an engaging seminar aimed at promoting the effective use of digital tools in adult education. Hosted by Romanian Intermodal Association, the event provided a platform for participants to explore innovative methods for enhancing engagement, fostering active participation, and nurturing creativity among adult learners.

The seminar presented the results of the LTTA training activity organized in Spain, delving into the concept of Digital Competencies and the quality criteria essential for ensuring high and effective engagement of adults in education. Participants engaged in lively discussions, exchanging insights and strategies to leverage digital platforms for optimal learning outcomes.

Following a brief presentation of the Project scope, the discussions focused on identifying the advantages and challenges of utilizing various digital media in adult education. Attendees shared valuable experiences and best practices, shedding light on innovative approaches to teaching and improving adult learners’ competencies, particularly in the area of information acquisition and management. Participants collaborated to identify real-life situations that incorporate the use of digital technology, culminating in the creation of quizzes correlated to five key areas of DigComp. 

Throughout the seminar, educators shared exemplary practices for teaching and enhancing adult learners’ competencies in communication and content creation. Attendees departed equipped with newfound knowledge, strategies, and resources to effectively navigate the digital landscape and empower adult learners in their educational journey.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 5 May 2023

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