8 components of well-being

The workshop entitled “The 8 components of well-being!” brought together over 30 people eager to identify those activities, actions, behaviors, and attitudes that bring us fulfillment, contributing to the construction of well-being.

Thus, on Wednesday, February 21, for two hours, the participants gathered in the conference room of the Merti Hotel in Constanta, using collaborative techniques and methods to formulate objectives and highlight the steps that can help us achieve these objectives.

As digitization is one of the priority objectives of the “Stop Digital Divide” project, we have chosen to promote the use of digital applications and use QR codes to access online publications.

The event was organized as part of the adult education program, supported by the Romanian Center for the Promotion of Intermodal Transport, together with the TEAM4Excellence Association and the General Association of Engineers in Romania, Constanta Branch.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 21 February 2023

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