Inland waterway transport is an essential part of the intermodal freight solutions, contributing to the creation of a sustainable, competitive, and environmentally friendly European-wide transport network. The European Commission’s NAIADES action plan aims to enhance the use of inland navigation to achieve this goal. To support this plan, PLATINA, an FP7 project consisting of 23 partners from nine different countries, was created.

The project’s core consortium includes via donau (Austria), Voies navigables de France (France), Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschiffahrt (Germany), Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen (Belgium), and the Rijkswaterstaat Centre for Transport and Navigation (The Netherlands), with a duration of four years.

The main objective of PLATINA is to create a multi-disciplinary knowledge network that brings together all relevant actors in the inland waterway sector. Most members of the consortium are already active in transport policy in their countries, maximizing the project’s contribution to the promotion of inland waterway transport in Europe.



To achieve NAIADES objectives, PLATINA provides technical, organizational, and financial support for targeted policy actions. PLATINA identifies necessary policy actions with the European Commission, brings together the required stakeholders, and develops the necessary knowledge and tools. Key experts and stakeholders develop technical proposals for policy actions in the five NAIADES action areas.


PLATINA Synergies

Additionally, PLATINA builds on strong interrelations with existing expert groups, projects, and initiatives, creating synergies at the European level through networking and knowledge exchange. The project is a flexible platform that can react to emerging policy needs in the field of inland waterway transport.



The Image work package in PLATINA also prepared a Communications toolbox to aid those communicating about inland navigation. The toolbox contains items designed to convey key messages on the advantages of inland waterway transport. It includes a database of photographs, posters, and rights-free visual materials, as well as a collection of case studies for the use of inland waterway transport in specific supply chains.

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Erasmus and ESC

PLATINA is an essential project that supports the European Commission’s NAIADES action plan to enhance inland waterway transport. With its multi-disciplinary knowledge network, PLATINA creates the momentum necessary to achieve the NAIADES objectives. Additionally, the project’s Communications toolbox aids in communicating the advantages of inland waterway transport, promoting the growth of this sector in Europe.

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The PLATINA project was funded by the European Commission through the FP 7 Programme.