Internal Seminar, February 2023, Spain

On 9 February 2023, Formative Footprint organized an internal seminar with the aim to share within the organisation the results of PR1. This event took place in a coworking office in Valladolid, Spain and was intended to inform the entire team about the topic of the project and the actions taken, events held and results achieved so far. This seminar analysed the stakeholder needs that emerged from the stakeholder roundtable held in December and made proposals on future actions to be taken in view of the training course for adult educators. 

With the present event, the facilitator, Manuel Carabias, aimed to know the point of view of his team about the “Stop digital Divide” project developed within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. The facilitator presented the scope and programme of the project, the LTTA, the partial results and the results of the stakeholder roundtable held in February. This event was also aimed at distributing the results of the Stop Digital Divide project to make the entire organisation aware and up-to-date on what has been done and achieved so far. 

Following the presentation of the results of Project Result 1, the facilitator opened the brainstorming and discussion phase, asking his team for input. It started with comments on what has been done so far and then continued with suggestions for future steps.
The suggestions provided will help us to successfully move forward with the development of the project. The experience was one of the best thanks to the constructive debate that started in the team.


Location: Valladolid, Spain

Date: 9 February 2023

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